ISSN (Print) 2459-0223
ISSN (Online) 2459-0223

Year: 5 - Issue: 9 – November 2019

British Hegemony over Iraq and the Persian Gulf in the Late Nineteenth Century:
The Case of Müşir Nusret Pasha’s Report


Explaining Foreign Fighter Mobilization from the North Caucasus to Syria:
Historical Legacy, Existing Networks, and Radicalized Identity

Beyza Gülin GÜNEY

Terror, Psychological Impacts of 9/11, and Remedial Theraphies (Turkish)

Zeynep Gamze KALKANLI

The Spatial Transformation of the Capital of the Republic and Its Reflections on Hâkimiyet-i Milliye Newspaper in the 1928-1930 Period (Turkish)


Investigation of the Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Percepted Social Support in Academicians (Turkish)

Merve BAŞ, Melisa AKSU, Hüseyin ÜNÜBOL, Gökben HIZLI SAYAR